Helping Delhi’s Bad Air with Fake Rain

Delhi’s bad air. In Delhi, where the air is very dirty, leaders are thinking of making fake rain to clean it up. But some people aren’t sure if this will really work.

Fake Rain Idea

Leaders in Delhi want to use a way called cloud seeding to make it rain and clean the air. But they need permission from important courts and government offices before they can try this. If they get the go-ahead, it might happen later this month, depending on the weather.

Doubts About the Idea

Some experts aren’t sure if this rain-making trick will fix the bad air. They say it’s a tough and expensive plan, and they need to study it more to see if it’s safe for the environment.

Dangerous Air in Delhi

The air in Delhi has been very bad for a long time. The levels of a harmful thing called PM 2.5 have been ten times more than what’s safe. Even after some rain, the air got dirty again because of celebrations with firecrackers.

Pollution All Year

Delhi always has problems with dirty air because of cars, factories, and dust. But in winter, it gets worse because farmers burn leftover crops and the wind doesn’t blow the bad stuff away.

What the Government is Doing

To fix this, the Delhi government has closed schools early and stopped construction work. They hope the courts will let them try cloud seeding to clean the air.

Making Rain by Science

Cloud seeding means making rain by putting special things like silver iodide or chloride into clouds. This makes raindrops form, but it only works if the weather is just right.

Challenges and Past Attempts

Scientists say making rain needs specific weather conditions like moisture and wind. They’ve tried this idea before in the past, but it’s been tricky, and some places used it in wars.

Delhi’s Plan for Fake Rain

Smart people from IIT Kanpur have a plan to make fake rain over a big area in two parts. They think mid-November will be a good time to try because of the weather.

While Delhi hopes fake rain could fix its air, some are unsure if it’s the right answer. Making sure it’s safe and helpful is important before trying this big idea to make the air cleaner.